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Dr Brian Ang is an internationally trained and highly experienced eye surgeon in Melbourne

Internationally trained

In United Kingdom, Switzerland, New Zealand and India

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Eye Surgeon Melbourne



With a touch of humour.

Dedicated to the highest levels of patient care, Dr Brian Ang is at the leading edge in cataract surgery and glaucoma treatment.

I know and understand first hand how glaucoma and cataract can affect individuals and their family members

Brian Ang | Eye Surgeon Melbourne
Dr Brian Ang

Eye surgeon Melbourne

Eye surgery Melbourne

My services

I am best known for cataract surgery, glaucoma treatment and eye injections


To improve your vision so you can see clearly again.



To reduce your eye pressure and prevent glaucoma blindness. 



To treat vision loss from macular degeneration and diabetic eye disease. 

Cataract vision | Brian Ang
Normal vision after treatment | Brian Ang
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Before and after
cataract surgery

When you have a cataract, your sight is blurred due to clouding of your natural lens. Cataract surgery replaces your cataract with a clear lens implant, thus restoring your vision so you can see clearly again.

Normal vision vs
vision with glaucoma

Glaucoma occurs when high eye pressure causes progressive damage to your optic nerve, resulting in irreversible vision loss. The key is to detect glaucoma early and start treatment before any significant sight loss has occurred.

Glaucoma vision | Brian Ang
Normal vision after treatment | Brian Ang
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Macular degeneration | Brian Ang
Normal vision after treatment | Brian Ang
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Normal vision vs vision with
macular degeneration

Wet macular degeneration occurs when abnormal blood vessels grow and leak fluid or blood into the macula, causing central vision loss. Regular treatment with eye injections will reduce the fluid swelling at the macula and help preserve your vision.

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Ready to book an appointment? Dr Brian Ang consults at multiple locations. Choose the nearest to you. 

Consulting and operating at multiple locations in Melbourne

I work as an associate consultant for these private practices in and around Melbourne.

I operate at multiple locations in and around Melbourne.

  • Royal Victorian Eye & Ear Hospital, East Melbourne
  • St Vincent’s Hospital, Fitzroy
  • Sunshine Private Day Surgery, St Albans
  • Epworth Hospital, Geelong
  • Footscray Day Surgery

To make an appointment, please contact Dr Brian Ang here.

Multilingual consultations

I am multilingual and fluent in English, conversational Mandarin, Cantonese and Bahasa Malaysia.

What patients appreciate about Dr Brian Ang

Patients like the fact that my explanations are clear, concise, and easy to understand. I make sure that I provide enough relevant information so that patients can make the best informed decisions based on their own circumstances. What I will not do is to pressure patients into making decisions that they are not comfortable with. Instead I will respect and support your decisions as we work together to achieve the best clinical outcomes for your eyes.

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